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Kinnara Productions is a music production company aiming to expand Assyrian culture internationally. Kinnara’s vision is to expose this ancient culture through modern times and means. Content produced through Kinnara is tailored around the international community, specifically targeting North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Assyrian culture holds enough space to be experienced by a wide audience. Kinnara’s job is to convey this culture of exquisite songs and pieces, unique melodies, exotic styles, and romantic literature to an audience with interest in learning more about Assyrian mores, through the use of effective media production and distribution.

Kinnara is also here to guide aspiring musicians into the studio production world. Developing and creating new sounds holds the key to the longevity of this ancient culture, and Kinnara intends on carrying out this challenging feat with influences from various music genres.

Kinnara boasts robust music experience, giving it the ability to mimic Assyrian culture through modern manners, respectively. Music can prove to be effective in introducing these customs and traditions to the international community. It will be used to introduce an exotic mix of instruments and compositions that flavor the ancient and modern Assyrian traditions.

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Kinnara Productions

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